Trekking is to make a slow or arduous journey on foot, especially to hike through mountaineous areas. It is the combination of hiking and walking activitydone in multi-days trip to rural and mountaineous areas with the enjoyment of adventurous and real life scenario.

Etymologically, the word is originated from Dutch word trekken meaning to travel; related to Old Frisian trekka.

Backpacking, the term used for trekking by Wikipedia has been defined as an outdoor recreation where gear is carried in a backpack. Backpacking trips consists of at least one night and can last for weeks or months, sometimes aided by planned resupply points or drops. In present days a good backpacker takes in consideration the impact on environment, including staying on established trails, not disturbing vegetatiion, and carrying garbage out.

Jumla – Rara Lake – Mugu Karnali Trek– 28 days

Syangja to Pokhara trek – 11 days

Langtang - Ganga La - Helambu - 19 Days

Pike and Panch Pokhari Trek-29 days

Upper Mustang Trek-17 days

Everest Classic trek 25 days

Everest Base Camp-18 days

Instant Everest Trek-12 days

Everest B.C + Island Peak-22 days

Gokyo + Chola Pass + Everest B C - 23 Days

Langtang Trek (In Search of Yaks)

Helambu trek-20 days

Langtang-Ganja La-Helambu-19 days

Helambu-Gosaikunda Trek-14 Days

Langtang-Gosaikunda-Sundarijal-19 days

Round Annapurna Trek 26 days

Ghorepani trek 13 days

Jomsom - Muktinath Trek

Round Annapurna Trek