The word tour refers to the journey through several parts of the world made for pleasure, especially as a holiday. Tour is also concerned with a plannedvisit to several places in a country or area made for a special purpose, such as one made by a politician, sports team, or group of performers. Talking about the former one tour is just not making visit, it often brodens your mind with full of refreshment and obviously you are the one to explore new life.These tours are managed and arranged my the companies reffered as tour operators.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the word travel was known to be used in 14th century for the first time, which came from Middle English travailen,travelen ( which means to tormet, labour, strive, journey ) and earlier from old French travailler ( which means to work strenuously, toil ). In English words travail and travails are occassionally used to mean struggle.

Dolakha Tour

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