Mount Kailash (6,714m) is one of the most sacred mountains in Tibet. It is situated in Western Tibet. Mount Kailash is regarded as ‘Jewels of snow set in eternal paradise’. Mount Kailash is also known as Tise or Kang Rinpoche. The Hindus believe that Mount Kailash is the holy residence of Lord Shiva. The Buddhists regard it as the earthly manifestation of Mount Meru and their spiritual centre of the Universe. The Bons believe that Mount Kailash is the place where Shranab – the founder of their religion – descended from heaven. Likewise, the Jains believe Mount Kailash to be the place where their first prophet attained enlightenment. Therefore, Mount Kailash is a sacred place of pilgrimage for the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jains as well as the Bons. Mount Kailash is a fascinating snowy peak.

Manasarovar, a holy lake, is another place of pilgrimage in Tibet. This lake is situated between Mt. Kailash and Mt Gurla Mandata. According to the Hindu mythology, Manasarovar is a creation of Brahma and is regarded as mother principle. Manasarovar is the magnificent perception of Buddhists as well. Legend has it that if people take a ritual bath in Manasarovar and drink water of this Lake at least once in their life, their sins will be washed away and the path to heaven will be open for them. Hence, a number of devotees throng Manasarovar every year. For them, Manasarovar is ‘the next paradise on the earth’. Saga Dawa – an outstanding Tibetan Buddhist festival is held in Manasarovar in May every year.

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Nepal is sovereign independent kingdom country, lies between two giant countries like India on South - East and West and Tibetan autonomous region of the Peoples Republic of China on North.


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