Tibet is not only an important place for spiritual and religious seekers but also for those travellers and trekkers who really want to explore the mystic treasure of culturally rich traditions, impressive architecture, imaginative monasteries, the way of life of Tibetans, high Himalayas and nature’s beauty. Tibet was called Bod-yul and Ti in the past.Tibet is a modern name. Tibet is also known as “Roof of the World” because it is situated at the altitude ranging from 1000 ft – 16,500 ft. This high land of Tibetan Plateau is encircled by a long series of impressive peaks, notably Everest, Cho Oyu, etc.

There are many salt-water lakes in Tibet. The capital city of Tibet is Lhasa, which is situated on the right bank of the Kyi Chhu River. Tibet is easily accessible by land or by air from Kathmandu.

Mt. Kailash - Holy Place of Lord Shiva